Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Organizing Copics & Ribbon...

I have acquired a new piece of furniture for my stamping area!  I got a gorgeous old (solid wood and super heavy!!) office mailbox with letter-sized slots for free!!  It's clean and ready be painted darker to match the office.  In order to fit it on the wall, I have to move just about everything in the office around!  The ball has started rolling big-time and I have started some major sorting and organizing.  So much fun!! 

Today, I thought I'd show you two of my recent organizing projects.


I received some Copic Sketch markers for my birthday - love how they have the number on the end of the lids.  Most of my Copics are Ciaos which don't have the number on the lid.  Luckily, I discovered Karli's free download here and now my markers look like this:

They are stored in a sage green enamel bin from A muse...they are soooo pretty, right?!


I was keeping my spools of ribbon in the plastic ribbon holders from SU.  I found they didn't stack very nicely, it was hard to take the spools in and out and they took up a lot of room on my shelf.  I found this system from Best Craft Organizers and I have been working on winding up all my spools into tidy little rolls.  Some of my bigger spools have had to be wound into several small rolls...I have kept one roll for use and taped down the ends of the extra rolls.  I keep all the extras in a separate dispenser in the back of one of the storage trays.  I used my label maker to put the brands/colours of all the ribbons on the bottom of each dispenser. Here is a space comparison of a big spool vs. the tiny little roll:

Here is a stack of empty spools and all the ribbon rolled up and in the dispenser:

The space difference is amazing and I love how my ribbon is all sorted by colour and pattern!!  Once I get everything done, I promise I'll take a pile of pictures and post them...

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